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Month: January 2017

A Few Important Walking Dead Road To Survival Hack And Tips

A Few Important Walking Dead Road To Survival Hack And Tips

To excel in Walking Dead to Survival, here are a few necessary tips that will be highly beneficial to your success.

Complete Story Roadmap Missions to Earn Powerful Characters

There are very rare but highly beneficial weapons and characters. You can only earn them by completing in the limited time roadmap missions that appear in the game. These missions will not be there till the end of the game. They usually run for just 7 to 10 days. So, it is better to complete as many missions as possible to be able to earn as many weapons and characters as possible.

It is important to check your roadmap daily

There are some daily events that can give you about three times more items than you can earn in a normal gameplay. You get to earn items like survivors, ingredients, Evo Items, Materials and Rations. If you don’t check your roadmap daily, you may miss out some of the events. More important is to make use of the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack as often as you can as it is the best help you can get by now.


Exploit character traits by Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack

Some characters have the ability to do more damage to some other class of characters with relatively less efforts. You need to trace the traits to determine what characters to unleash on certain class of enemies.

Take note of some obstacles

When you use a melee attack on any zombie behind an obstacle, it will always miss. Instead of wasting your resources, use ranged characters as they can always fire over barriers. Later on you will have all characters that are available if you made use of the Walking Dead Road to Survival hack even once.

Study all your battle items you got by Walking Dead Road to Survival hack tool

Battle items are powerful tools that can help you defeat difficult enemies. But each battle item has a unique capability. To get the best from your battle items, you need to know the unique capability of each of them.

Know the adrenaline rush of all your team members

Adrenaline rush is the special abilities of each member of your team. For instance, a character like Glenn gives buffs while fighting. Buffs have the ability to increase the offensive ability of the whole team and also increase the impact their attacks have on enemies. Sandy can hit multiple targets at the same time. You need to know the adrenaline rush of each of the members of your team to be able to put them to good use. To know the adrenaline rush of any character, you need to tap and hold the profile of the character when in a battle.


Complete the tutorials before playing

Some players did not complete the tutorials before they started playing games. If you are one of them, it is advisable to go back and complete it because every piece of information in the tutorials is very necessary and useful. The little you missed out can be costly in future.

Tips and strategies on how to use the resources of the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats are infinite. More are being discovered everyday. You could also discover yours. When you do, please share it.