Clash of Kings cheats – Tips and tricks how to use it

Clash of Kings cheats – Tips and tricks how to use it

Clash of Kings is primarily a multiplayer strategy game that allows you to interact with people from all over the world over the internet to defeat armies, conquer kingdoms, and build military bases. Although the game has become quite a fascination among gamers, numerous players quit each day, particularly due to the difficulty of playing the game. However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. In this guide, we shall explore Clash of Kings cheats and hacks that will go a long way toward improving your experience in playing the game.

Basic Tips for using Clash of Kings hack

Most Clash of Kings guides require you to have level 15 castles, something that only intermediate to advanced gamers have attained. Luckily, here, we shall help you start off on the right foot with the following basic tips:

• Invest in at least eight military tents and eight hospitals. This will save you plenty of time and resources, and allow you to train many soldiers quickly

• Draw related infrastructures together to ease keeping track of upgrades

• Be a little random and stealthy. Teleport randomly every few weeks to avoid strategic attacks; this also increases your chances of landing near castles with plenty of resources

• Make food your priority when gathering resources. This will help you feed large troops easily

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Tips and Tricks for free gold

The foremost thing you need to do is take advantage of the game’s pre-rewards. Need some gold quickly? Go to Settings in your profile and tap on the Invite button. Invite some friends to play the game, and each time someone joins the game through your link, you’ll be given rewards that consist of food, gold, speedup boost, and wood.

Other Tips to Consider

1. Participate in daily events

By accomplishing daily events, you get to win various awards. In fact, some daily events offer you a chance to win thousands of gold.

2. Gamble a bit

If you’re lucky, you may win thousands of gold coins by gambling just a few dragon coins

3. Link the game to your FB account

Connecting your profile to your Facebook account helps you gain 100 gold coins instantly. Moreover, it helps you stay updated on Clash of Kings events and promos. This way, you may yourself benefiting from free activation codes among other goodies.

Clash of Kings Hack

This Clash of Kings hack tool helps you play the game with a whole new, amazing experience; it provides you with unlimited gold. Then again, this hack tool is safe to use, and has an easily understandable interface. It is also improved in line with the game’s updates, and thus there are very slim chances of failure. Follow the following instructions to access and use the Clash of Kings generator:

  1. Click on the generator.
  2. Put in the email linked to your profile.
  3. Select your platform, e.g. IOS, Android, etc.
  4. Select the amount of gold points you’d like to add to your profile.
  5. Tap on the “Start Generator” button; wait for the process to be completed.
  6. Restart the game.

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Clash of Kings Online hack conclusion

Clash of Kings may be tough to play, but with these Clash of Kings cheats and our hack tool, your game experience is sure to improve.



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